Bill Murray on New Worlds music tour with Jan Vogler wearing TÉCHIN Red Paisley Tuxedo and TÉCHIN bowtie. 
Actor Bill Murray wearing custom TÉCHIN Barathea Wool Tuxedo with jacquard velvet lapels during New Worlds spoken word recital. 
Cellist Jan Vogler preparing for a recital wearing the signature Architect Jacket  and a custom Greenwich Shirt. 
Jan Vogler seen here in Royal Neck Longsleeve Sweater Tee and Flannel Five Pocket trousers with an artfully draped Knit Cashmere Scarf. His Strativarius Cello, Castelbraco/Fau, can be seen front.  
Jan Vogler interviewed on a Swedish News wearing a signature TÉCHIN Jacket. 
Bill Murray wearing the Anthracite TÉCHIN Royal Neck Longsleeve Sweater Tee in its best use, under a finely tailored jacket. 
Jan Vogler wearing his custom floral jacquard "Hidden Garden" Architect Jacket during a performance. Also seen is a bespoke Greenwich Shirt. 
Bill Murray throwing roses to members of the crowd in his Bordeaux Paisley Tuxedo with Wool Barathea Tuxedo Trousers.  
Additional view of Bill Murray in his Bordeaux Paisley Tuxedo and matching TÉCHIN Bow Tie during New Worlds tour. 
Jan Vogler and Bill Murray playing together in while wearing a custom TÉCHIN Jacket and Barathea Wool Tuxedo respectively.